Affiliate Tariff Waivers

Notice of each act of an affiliate tariff waiver is to be posted on Vector's EBB within one business day of the occurrence. Vector will maintain a log of such acts of affiliate tariff waivers at this EBB location for a period of five years from the date of each act of waiver.

Post Date Effective Date End Date Tariff Section Being Waived Brief Description of Waiver  Additional Comments 




GT&C Section 2.1(e) - Quality of Gas

For receipts from DTE Gas Company at Belle River

This waiver will allow Vector to accept receipts from DTE Gas Company during the period of time it is having operational issues related to its dehydration equipment. Vector reserves the right to rescind the waiver at any time should the change in gas quality cause operational or other issues for Vector or its other interconnected parties.

Updated: 04/02/2014