Pipeline Safety

Emergency Responder Education Program

Provide public safety officials with information to safely respond.
Emergency Responder Education Program

Public Awareness

Vector Pipeline provides important safety information to those who live and work near our pipelines and facilities.
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Damage Prevention

Pipeline safety is a shared responsibility. For your safety and the safety of others, always call 811 before you dig.
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Pipeline Intergrity

Vector Pipeline has a program of preventive measures to promote the safe, reliable operations of our pipelines and facilities.
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In An Emergency

Learn to recognize the warning signs and how to safety respond in the unlikely event of a pipeline emergency.
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Emergency Procedures Manual - Canada

Union Gas Limited is the operator of Vector Pipeline’s NEB-regulated facilities in Canada (Vector Pipeline Limited Partnership)
Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan - Canada

Why Pipelines

Pipelines play a role in our everyday lives and are essential to our quality of life and economy.
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Understanding the Right Of Way

There’s a pipeline near you.
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Request or download Vector Pipeline safety materials.
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