About Vector

Vector Pipeline, which began operation on December 1, 2000, is a 348-mile pipeline between Joliet, Illinois and Dawn, Ontario. There are 274 miles of 42-inch diameter pipeline and 59 miles of 36-inch diameter pipeline in the U.S. The 36–inch portion is located north of metropolitan Detroit and is leased from DTE Energy. The Canadian segment is 15 miles of 42-inch diameter pipeline. There are five compressor stations with a total of 120,000 horsepower, all using low NOx Solar brand gas turbines. The system can deliver 1.745 Bcf/d, of which 455 MMcf/d is leased to Nexus Gas Transmission. Vector is regulated by both the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the Canada Energy Regulator. It is a partnership between Enbridge Inc. and DT Midstream, with ownership interests of 60% and 40%, respectively.

The pipeline is a strategic link in the transportation of economical natural gas produced in the Appalachian region and Western Canada. Vector offers firm and interruptible transportation as well as ancillary services aimed at meeting the growing demand for natural gas in the Midwest U.S and Eastern Canada. The system has multiple interconnects with gas distribution companies, storage providers and power plants located in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Ontario. It also has the ability to flow gas westward, connecting gas sourced in Michigan from both Appalachia production and storage providers to markets located throughout the Midwest (MI, IN, IL and WI). Vector combines competitive pricing, optionality, and reliability along with a straightforward business process to add value to its transportation services.