Call Before You Dig

811 is a free, nationwide service designed to keep you safe
when digging or excavating. It's a simple process and is always
the safest option anytime you are moving dirt.
Always Call Before You Dig.

Emergency Responder Education Program

Safety and preparedness are priorities to Vector Pipeline
and we are proud to offer emergency responders in our
counties of operation free, unlimited access to our
Emergency Responder Education Program.

About Vector

Vector is a key link in the supply and transportation of economical
natural gas from the United States and Western Canada to growing
markets in the Midwest, Eastern Canada and the Northeastern U.S.

Vector Pipeline Safety

Vector is committed to pipeline safety.
We build safety into every step of pipeline
construction and operation.

About Us

Vector’s system extends 348 miles from Joliet, Illinois to Dawn, Ontario.

asset map

  • View our assets in the U.S. and Canada.
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Doing Business with Us

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Vector is subject to the jurisdiction of the FERC in the United States and the CER in Canada.