Projected IT Availability

December 8, 2022


Note: Vector's "Traditional Joliet to Dawn" longhaul availability can be determined by using the lesser of the "Joliet to Milford Junction" or the "Rover to Dawn" segment.


Projected IT-1 by segment available December 8, 2022 (current day):

  • Joliet to Crown Point                        1,253,467

  • Joliet to Milford Junction                     278,085

  • Rover to Dawn                                    93,904

  • Milford Junction to Joliet                   1,411,125


Projected IT-1 by segment available December 9, 2022:

  • Joliet to Crown Point                         1,146,650

  • Joliet to Milford Junction                     125,220

  • Rover to Dawn                                       91,022

  • Milford Junction to Joliet                      133,897


*All volumes are in Dekatherms

Projected IT-1 available volumes are estimated based on current operational conditions and are made available solely for informational purposes only and nothing contained in this posting shall be construed as an offer of service. Vector does not guarantee the availability of IT-1 service to any party at any time.