Owners Commitment

Consistent with our owners’ commitments of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, Vector is reducing its emissions by investing in new technology and optimizing its operations. Below outlines some of the methods that Vector is utilizing to reduce emissions.

Fugitive & Compressor Emission Reduction

  • Annual GHG surveys and subsequent repairs.
  • Dry gas seals on Compressors.
  • Low-bleed pneumatic actuators.
  • Compressor enhancements (long duration pressurized holds) for reduced emissions.
  • Modified blowdown piping to prevent venting during station maintenance.
  • Reducing station pressure prior to blowdowns to minimize emissions. 

Renewable Power Programs

Vector participates in its electric utilities Renewable Power Programs, which utilizes electricity from green sources and promotes the development of new local wind and solar facilities.

  • 100% of electricity purchased from Consumers Energy is from renewable sources.
  • 100% of electricity purchased from Indiana Michigan Power is from renewable sources.
  • 25% of electricity purchased from DTE Electric is from renewable sources.

Operational Efficiency

Vector continues to see a reduction in emissions per Billion cubic feet of gas delivered since 2015.

Other Sustainability Initiatives

  • Office recycling program.
  • Work from home flexibility for reduced miles driven per employee.